Tricks and things and patriotism

Insert something red, white and blue here. Probably a flag. Add in something about our military service and how much we appreciate them. Goodness knows, I do.
There’s a comic floating around the internet by a certain Danish artist who personifies the major countries ala usually armless people that vaguely resembles Hetalia. The last panel has the U.S., who has been trying to get the attention of daddy Britain for so long, throwing a tea pot off a boardwalk. Accurate, but this act of rebellion was one of the first that led our nation to its freedom. Happy Birthday, see the Boston Tea party for more info.
Now, we were built upon the idea of freedom. Freedom of speech, religion, etc etc. Freedom to paint your house rainbow and name your daughter North West. But here’s what pisses me off about how our country has turned out over the last hundred years.
The government invests money into big businesses instead of its populace. Instead of funding education, we fund bailouts for banks. Instead of making life a priority, profit is. Hundreds of thousands of people my age are in debt for a degree, making half of what they should. Poverty is common. News is censored so the general public doesn’t realize that all the bullshit is dropping all around us and the news anchors are spraying a febreeze of elephants playing in the waves.
And here I am. Getting lost in my ignorance, fighting every day with myself to keep anxiety at bay, trying my damndest to make my dreams come true.
Think for a moment. Do you remember a time in your life where you dreamed? I’m not talking about seahorses doing the electric slide in your backyard. Dreamed. Planned out how you would work hard, build a castle, go to outer space, meet people in other countries. Open a bookstore or become a doctor.
What happened to that, America? Where did your dreams go?


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