From Graveyard to the Swing

ImageWhen I began my current job, I was hired on as a graveyard associate. I would start at 11 pm and work until 7 in the morning, four days a week or so, with a two hour public transit ride there, and about two hours back in the morning. The boy I was dating at the time would sleep during the night and when I got home, he would just be waking up, we’d cuddle briefly and then I’d be asleep. We’d cycle through our days until it became normal.

That was a year ago. I’m shocked at what has happened within the year but I am glad to have made it through. That boy who would cuddle me, briefly, left me for a girl in Canada. I fell for a woman who decided I wasn’t good enough. And throughout all of it… I met the most amazing man who supported me through all of it and was there to calm me through the storm.


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